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BinSmart project has started as of 1 August 2020

Inland shipping, known to be a reliable, safe and environment-friendly transport mode, is essential for a sustainable transport in the future. With approx. 230 million tons of transported goods per year and roundabout four hundred thousand employees a competitive industry and economic prosperity can only be guaranteed by an innovative inland shipping. Securing and even strengthening its ability to compete, research and innovation is crucial for a clean and modern fleet.

Due to various challenges inland shipping is undergoing a radical transition. The impulse for the needed modernization measures can not be accomplished by the shipping companies alone. Broad political support from federal, national and even European level is required, encouraging the shipping companies in implementing intelligent and unconventional solutions. New and alternative technologies and fuels, shallow draught ships, or automated and even autonomous vessels are just some answers mandatory to face the challenges due to climate change, personnel shortage and an outdated fleet. Keeping pace with the increasing efficiency of rail and road, further digitalization is an absolute must.

“Only combined efforts guarantee a long-term and sustained competitiveness of inland shipping.” (from: Masterplan Binnenschifffahrt)

In BinSmart the Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST) initiates, establishes and moderates the professional exchange between research, industry and associations within the scope of the accompanying research program. Besides an open-minded exchange about research and technology issues in the inland shipping sector also relevant innovations from other industries will be identified. Added value will be generated for all members by combining efforts, acting together and taking advantage of synergies. Furthermore, the group will assist trials and implementation of elaborated solutions for technology demonstrators and test fields. On-going projects will be reflected and ideas and new approaches for future research initiatives are given.

Second focus is on technology demonstrators for testing and demonstrating forward-thinking solutions on real platforms (ships) on inland waters under real-world conditions. In a first step approaches, concepts, requirements and criteria are developed for the use of demonstrators. Subsequently a concrete demonstrator is developed.

The planned work will form a sound basis for implementing sustainable solutions and technologies with the final goal of a green, future-oriented, economic and safe inland waterway transport.


Dipl.-Ing. Jens Ley, Phone: +49 203 99369-30

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kaufmann, Phone: +49 40 413310-30


The project will run for four years until 2024-07-31 and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the context of the “Maritime Agenda” under grant agreement 03SX533A.

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Development Centre for
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