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Sub-project: NEMOS-Hydro – Hydrodynamic, constructive and metrological aspects of the construction type of the NEMOS wave power plant

within the scope of the joint project: NEMOS – design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a model of the NEMOS wave power plant on a scale of 1:1 (FKZ 0325770)

The energy of ocean waves seems to be capable of making a valuable contribution to the energy transition due to the great potential available worldwide, the high energy density and the sustainable usability. However, of the numerous concepts for generating electricity from wave energy, no functional principle has been able to establish itself economically. However, hydromechanical investigations at the DST showed considerable optimisation potential for plants with floating buoyancy bodies solely by the temporally and spatially controlled relative movement of the bodies to the earth’s fixed reference system. These findings led directly to the NEMOS concept, which is based on floats with a large effective width and a rope kinematics with low-maintenance energy conversion above the water level. The concept could be further investigated and adapted by scaled laboratory and field tests. Together with four other project partners, the technology is now being developed, implemented and tested as a 1:1 prototype under the direction of NEMOS GmbH, which was founded in 2012.

Collaborative project:

The sub-project NEMOS-HYDRO deals with the hydromechanical, ship and marine engineering issues which go beyond the previous investigations, but are necessary for the design of all sub-components and the automation of plant management. This includes scaled laboratory tests to control and supplement the computer simulations, contributions to numerical calculations, metrological and design work.

Contact Person:

Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Friedhoff
Phone: +49 203 99369-29

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