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DST presents research results at various scientific conferences

In May and June, several DST research results were published and presented at conferences throughout Europe.

At the 6th International Conference on Ship Manoeuvring in Shallow and Confined Water (MASHCON), held at the Technology and Innovation Centre of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, from 22 to 26 May 2022, DST staff members were guest speakers. At the conference, Jens Ley presented the results from the experimental investigations of the DeConTrans project to determine the hawser forces under the influence of passing traffic for a parallel port in the canal area. Also, at MASHCON, Matthias Tenzer presented the evaluation of extensive large-scale design measurements carried out as part of the AiF-funded project Ruderanlagen. The underlying data has already been recorded in the European research project PROMINENT and shows for the first time and comprehensively the real operating and maneuvering conditions of inland vessels. This type of data is of great importance for future propulsion systems and the evaluation of maneuvering behavior under shallow water conditions.

At the 6th IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management (GOL), held in Strasbourg, France, from 29 June to 1 July 2022, Jonas zum Felde compared a logistics simulation tool specifically developed for an IWT use case from the DeConTrans research project with generic simulation packages and the associated adaptation needs. He concluded that while a specific tool is always likely to be superior in terms of performance, the development effort cannot always be justified, so the result quality of a well-adapted standard model should be sufficiently close to that of the specific tool.

In addition, initial results from the broad simulation study of the DeConTrans research project were presented at the 14th Scientific Forum on Mobility in Duisburg, which was hosted by the University of Duisburg-Essen on 23 June 2022 under the guiding theme “Towards the New Normal in Mobility”. Jonas zum Felde focused on the economic effects on the Rhine port in Wesel of the novel service concept operating with small inland vessels in the West German canal network. Moreover, he was able to explain that such a concept can be worthwhile for the Rhine ports involved, as it involves supply traffic for the major liner services along the Rhine and also helps to relieve the supply flows on the already heavily congested road.

Vortrag auf dem 14. Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität


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