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Entwicklungszentrum für Schiffstechnik und Transportsysteme e.V.

Ongoing Research Projects

CoboTank Robotic automation of the loading of inland tank vessels Development and testing of collaborative and automated robotic systems to support the loading process of inland tank vessels The advancing automation of inland waterway transport can onl

Establishment and commissioning of a test centre for innovative port technologies at the DST in Duisburg

Within this research a Decision-Support-System (DSS) for sea-going vessels is developed. The DST focusses on the vessel’s hydrodynamics in waves under shallow water conditions.

The overall objective of the joint project “FlaBi” is to increase the resilience of inland vessels during pronounced periods of drought by extending their operational limits.

Inland navigation is facing new challenges: Problems with the new generation of skippers and crews, an increasingly fierce competition with other modes of transport and the need to reduce the carbon footprint. These factors lead, among others, to the fact that the mode of transport inland navigation has to increase efficiency and prospectively reduce personnel requirements in order to remain competitive.

Development of a concept for container distribution in North Rhine-Westphalia using small inland vessels and decentralised transhipment points.

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Development Centre for
Ship Technology and Transport Systems

Oststr. 77
47057 Duisburg

Tel.: +49 (0)203 - 99 36 9 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)203 - 99 36 9 - 70

E-Mail: dst@dst-org.de