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29. January 2021

BASF presents innovative tanker for low water on the Rhine

The project started with a meeting at BASF, after which DST began developing the tanker in a consortium. The aim was to significantly improve the tanker’s capacity, even at very shallow drafts, in order to improve supplies to the Ludwigshafen production site in the low water season. CFD calculations and model tests followed later, with promising results. BASF has now commissioned the shipping company STOLT to build the ship and put it into service by the end of 2022.

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15. December 2020

Research Project MariShallow started

December 2020 research project MariData has started. It sets out to develop a Decision-Support-System (DSS) for sea-going vessels. At DST, the focus is on shallow water waves and the vessel’s hydrodynamic in such conditions.

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1. December 2020

Joint research project FlaBi has started

The joint research project “FlaBi”, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Eco-nomic Affairs and Energy, was launched in December 2020. The project deals with the de-velopment of dedicated ships for extreme shallow water conditions. The DST is responsible for the coordination of the joint project and carries out its own sub-project “FlaBiTec”.

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9. November 2020

Space@Sea – Final Demonstration of the Modular Floating Island with Superstructures Manufactured at DST

With the Horizon2020 project completing this month, the final demonstrator was presented at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). At DST the superstructure to represent the results of two substantial work packages (WPs) has been designed and manufactured.

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15. October 2020

Working on future port technologies

During his visit to DST, the transport minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mr. Hendrik Wüst, has handed over the grant approval of the new Port Research Lab to the consortium and visited the Test and Control Centre Autonomous Inland Shipping (VeLABi).

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14. August 2020

Project BinSmart has started as of 2020-08-01

Inland shipping, known to be a reliable, safe and environment-friendly transport mode, is essential for a sustainable transport in the future. With approx. 230 million tons of transported goods per year and roundabout four hundred thousand employees a competitive industry and economic prosperity can only be guaranteed by an innovative inland shipping. Securing and even strengthening its ability to compete, research and innovation is crucial for a clean and modern fleet.

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25. May 2020

DST institute director appointed as member of the innovation commission of federal transport ministry

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bettar Ould El Moctar, institute director of DST – Development Center of Ship Technology and Transport Systems and Chair of the Institute of Ship Technology, Ocean Engineering and Transport Systems of the University of Duisburg-Essen, ha

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