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Smart Qu@lification

Development and testing of innovative, flexible qualification concepts in inland navigation using digital media.

Inland navigation operators have a mobile workplace and often spend several weeks on board their ship without interruption. Her field of work is closely connected with her life and her leisure time. Their training and further education opportunities are thus associated with higher hurdles than in “stationary” occupations.

This is another reason why the employment situation in inland navigation is characterised by a shortage of young specialists and entrepreneurs.

In addition, the qualification paths to employment and promotion opportunities in the vertical and horizontal directions after completing initial training as an inland navigation operator do not point to a targeted path to further careers. The qualification to become an entrepreneur also requires specific knowledge, which is verified by an examination, for the acquisition of which hardly any courses are currently offered.

For this reason, the job description and the professional field of activity appear to be less attractive for potential interested parties.

The aim is that

  • the person interested in a career in inland waterway transport,
  • the person undergoing inland navigation training,
  • the person who is already working as a crew member
  • and the one who wants to become an entrepreneur,

is capable of,

  • Identify relevant professional content relevant to the development of its competence,
  • To have methodically and didactically prepared learning sequences in digital and thus learning location-independent form available,
  • to adopt these learning sequences to a large extent individually according to their needs
  • and to be able to plan the acquisition of skills necessary for professional development on an individual basis.

The solution to this problem is characterised by an extension of the learning opportunities and an increase in the attractiveness of education and training by creating a suitable learning platform as well as the development of corresponding demand-oriented learning modules (see above). This provides the target groups with a learning offer that is both temporally and spatially independent and flexibly usable.

The focal points of the project will be:

  • Empirical surveys to determine the training needs,
  • Development of an Internet-based learning management system,
  • Development of e-learning modules,
  • Development and implementation of the simulation environment / creation of simulation-supported ship management related applications,
  • Testing and evaluation of the learning modules and simulation applications.


Interested parties interested in training, apprentices and those working in the sector at all levels of qualification who want to develop their professional development; experienced professionals interested in taking up a self-employed activity.

Project partners

  • Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems e. V. (www.dst-org.de)
  • University of Duisburg-Essen – Faculty of Education
  • Institute for Vocational and Continuing Education – Business Education/

Vocational education and training (https://www.uni-due.de/biwi/bawb/)

  • University of Duisburg-Essen – Faculty of Education

learning lab | Media didactics and knowledge management (http://mediendidaktik.uni-due.de/)

  • Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt e. V. (Federal Association of German Inland Navigation) (BDB) (www.binnenschiff.de)

Contact person

Dipl.-Oec. Dieter Gründer
Tel.: 0203  99369-56


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