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DST presents transport research results in Lisbon

(Photo credit: DST)

From 14 to 17 November 2022, the 9th Transport Research Arena took place in Lisbon, Portugal. DST was represented by the departments “Logistics and Transport” and “Experiments, Fleet Modernisation and Emissions” and presented three scientific publications on the topics “innovative hubs” and “greening freight transport”.

Jonas zum Felde presented the results of the simulation study from the DeConTrans research project. In the recently completed project, a concept for container transportation services in the western German canal network has been developed and validated with the help of logistics simulation. In the talk presented to an international audience of experts, the focus lay on the economic potential of canal ports participating in the envisioned service.

Jonas zum Felde presents DeConTrans simulation results. (Photo credit: DST)

Cyril Alias presents results from the EU project NOVIMOVE. (Photo credit: DST)

In his presentation talk about the challenges faced by European inland ports, Cyril Alias explained why and to what extent the perception of these challenges differs between inland ports, seaports, and port associations. In a three-step process, the various challenges have been collected from the scientific literature, supplemented and classified with the help of semi-structured expert interviews, and validated by means of a geospatial data analysis. The results were generated as part of the ongoing European research project NOVIMOVE.

Innovative vessel and cargo handling concepts were presented by Benjamin Friedhoff in his talk on the technical developments from the NOVIMOVE project. The designed solutions contribute to the improvement of the resilience of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor as the ship innovations focus on the problem of extreme low water on the Rhine whereas the cargo handling innovations are supposed to help reduce barge congestion at Europe’s seaports.

Innovative ship concepts for overcoming extreme low-water situations are presented by Benjamin Friedhoff in his talk. (Photo credit: DST)

Transport Research Arena is Europe’s largest conference for mobility and transport research. Under this year’s motto “moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”, the conference pursues the goal of efficient, safe, and sustainable transport in all modes of transport with the participation of citizens, industries, and stakeholders.

The following video summarizes the visit of the 2022 Transport Research Arena:

More information on the TRA 2022 can be found here: Transport Research Arena 2022

Learn more about DeConTrans research project here: DeConTrans

Find out more about NOVIMOVE research project here: NOVIMOVE



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